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The filled dough on a preheated frying pan with the lid closed even baked and then coated with butter. The Georgian cuisine has various types of Khachapuri. Most of them come from different regions of the country.

The best known are from Adjara Adscharuli Khachapuri Sulguni with cheese and a fried egg, Megruli Khachapuri from Mingrelia with cheese and bread outside, Imeruli Khachapuri from Imereti, round with Imeretian cheese, Swanuri Khachapuri from Svaneti, Tschwischtar also called Ratschuli Khachapuri of Racha and Ossuri Khachapuri from South Ossetia with cheese and mashed potatoes.

Popular is the triangular Phenowani Khachapuri, which is made of puff pastry and Sulguni cheese. In rural areas of Georgia Khachapuri already eaten for breakfast. In cities it is offered as a fast intermediate court kiosks, small shops, bistros and restaurants.
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