Berlin (German: Berlin [bɛɐ̯li ː n]) - the capital of Germany, the largest city in Germany with the number of population and area. After London, Berlin - the second largest city with population and the fifth wjth area in the European Union.

The main airports serving the residents of Berlin - Schoenefeld and Tegel.

Berlin - one of 16 states in the Federal Republic of Germany. The city is situated on the banks of the Spree river (and also "nickname" in Berlin "Spree-Athen" - "Athens on the Spree") and Havel in the center of the federal state of Brandenburg, of which he is not (since 1920).

Around 1200 the place of modern Berlin offers two trading settlements - Cologne and Berlin. The exact date is unknown they have received. Cologne city is first mentioned in 1237, the city of Berlin - in 1244. In 1307 the town united to form the overall city government. In 1400 the combined population of Berlin was 8000. The historical name of "Cologne" is reflected in the title of the Berlin district of Neukölln.

Berlin was the capital of Electorate of Brandenburg (from 1417), Prussia (after the merger Electorate of Brandenburg from the Duchy of Prussia), and after the establishment of the German Empire was its capital.

After World War II, in accordance with the decisions of the Yalta Conference Berlin, although located on the territory of the Soviet occupation zone of Germany, was divided into four victorious powers at the occupation sectors. Later, the three sectors of occupation allies were converted into West Berlin, received a special status of public education, but of course closely connected with Germany. Movement between the sectors of Berlin for a long time remained free, and to prevent leakage of the population in the western sector of the GDR government decided to erect a Berlin wall, surrounded on August 13, 1961 West Berlin. The Berlin Wall, which became one of the main symbols of the Cold War lasted until 1989. After German unification in 1990 it became the capital of a reunited Berlin. By 1994, there have moved from Bonn, the Bundestag, the administration and the Federal Chancellor.

Today Berlin is one of the most important industrial, scientific and cultural centers. In Berlin, a very developed cycling. Many roads are equipped with cycle paths, traffic which is regulated at the crossroads of individual sections of the traffic lights. At bus stops, as well as train way, apply bank to automatically place a stop order to facilitate ingress and egress.

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