Khinkali Classic Price: € 5.00 / 3 Pieces
Khinkali Cheese Price: € 6.00 / 3 Pieces
Khinkali Nuts Price: € 8.00 / 3 Pieces
Khinkali Mushroom Price: € 7.00 / 3 Pieces
Khinkali (Georgian ხინკალი) is a specialty of the cuisine of Georgia. It is filled pastries.

The cooked dumplings are offered with different fillings, mainly with meat filling.

Beef or pork is mixed to with onions, garlic, pepper and salt. Often, fresh coriander, parsley or cumin is added. Other Khinkali be filled with cheese and sour cream.

The thin dough is a mixture of flour, water, salt and possibly egg. The filling is poured into round dough disks, then put the Prick the sides fold in and closed over the filling. They are cooked in salted water and served with melted butter and coarse black pepper.

Khinkali be eaten by hand. This takes you to the top of the pastry (Georgian kudi "hat"), which is cooler than the contents. Because it is hard, it is not eaten but put aside. At the end of the meal can be counted, has made many pies as each diner. The court is originally from the Georgian mountains.

The cities Duscheti, Pasanauri Mtskheta and are known for a particular quality of Khinkali.
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